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Keeping You Safe is My #1 Priority

There have been many changes to the clinic since most of you have been here. 

  • Seating has been spread out to ensure over 6 feet of distance. 
  • Room dividers  provide additional insurance that you are maintaining social distancing.
  • All chairs, the bathroom, and all common touch items are sanitized in between every patient.
  • All blankets, chair covers, and other items are freshly cleaned for every patient, every time. 
  • Our check in procedures have been altered to eliminate the need for common clip boards.
  • I wear a mask and gloves with every patient. 
  • Patients are now asked to wear cloth or paper masks in the clinic.
  • As always, hand washing is done between every procedure and needles are always sterile, one time use. 
  • Per NJ executive order, new patients are screened to make sure they are non-symptomatic of covid 19 and appropriate for an acupuncture clinic setting.

Nothing short of a plastic bubble is 100%, but I can promise you this: My clinic is a lot safer than the grocery store or getting takeout. Here at NJCA, you will only be exposed to one person (me,) who cares deeply about your wellbeing and is controlling every aspect she can control to keep you safe.

I hope this puts your mind at rest. If you need treatment, you should feel comfortable coming in to get that treatment.


(Dana Holmes, LAc, MAc.)


Please Support Us

Please Support Us

I am running a fund raiser to provide free treatment for our heroes who work at the hospital, as well as pharmacy and grocery workers. Every $20 I raise means one more treatment for people who have been working their tushes off while hang out at home.  Please help me by contributing. 

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